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Switzerland lies in the centre of the Alps and therefore is often referred to as the Central Alps. This can be divided into the Western and Eastern Alps. The Western Alps covers areas like the Mont Blanc Massif, the Valais Alps and the Bernese Alps. The Eastern side which contains the Oberhalbstein Range, the Albula Alps and the Silveretta.


As you can see Switzerland has massive potential for ski touring. The options seem endless and most of Switzerland is serviced by well equipped huts that between February and April will mostly be fully manned. It is also law in Switzerland for every hut to have a winter room. They are often basic but will provide shelter and warmth. You could choose to plan a ski tour based on using these winter rooms if you were touring slightly out of season.


It does not really take much longer to drive to the Swiss alps than it does Chamonix and if you are going to fly Geneva is beautifully positioned. Also, in true Swiss style the transport network is impeccable so if you are going to base yourself in one area this is a great option. Ski touring in Switzerland can be remarkable hassle free even without private transport.


As with anywhere in Europe you can seek out some great ski tours, but there happens to be a great Cicerone guide covering the Western Alps and I can vouch for the day tours in Switzerland. It is actually a snowshoeing guide.  But it serves the same purpose! Check it out...


Don’t forget Switzerland is not part of the EC. Therefore your E111 is not technically valid.

Make sure you have comprehensive medical cover as well as accident care.